I wanted to extend a sincere appreciation to everyone that worked on and assisted with my refinancing. I know we ran into a couple of small bumps and I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and expertise that you all applied in the execution of this process. I know that there were many of you that had made this happen, many I never got to meet or even speak with, however I know that it takes many to execute and accomplish such tasks. I do want to extend an extra appreciation to Jeff Miatech, who without his professionalism and dedication I never would have even considered going through with this to begin with. I also want to extend an extreme appreciation to Adriana, A.K.A. Ms. Wolf (she knows what I am talking about!!). Again, Adriana’s dedication and professionalism was outstanding and greatly appreciated. I also must extend a great big Thank You to Casey, who came into my home last night and finalized the closing with such professionalism, she really made those final steps an actual enjoyable experience and I was sort of sad when it was done and she had to leave. Casey made it a fun experience and I loved our small talk as we went through the signing of all those pages. I know Casey was from the title company and I hope my appreciation reaches her. I am also anxious to know if she tries the bottled water trick I taught her last night, that I learned in Desert Storm. Again, thank you all for all your hard work, dedication, and professionalism in making such a life changing event so easy and actually rather enjoyable!!!


Refinance Customer